WATCH.POP.EAT is an installation that focuses on the idea of ‘gifting’ through popcorn. In essence a large scale popcorn machine, that people can interact and engage with to produce an end product that is fun and tasty. A witty, but practical concept, which uses the sun and a cheap product (popcorn) to create an enclosed visual of kernels sporadically popping.


The design uses a 43” aqua lens that, at its focal point creates enough heat for the kernels to pop. When water is poured over the thick clear vinyl (stretched over square frame) an almost perfect parabolic lens is created allowing the suns heat to be intensified.


The sequence of use has five main stages; Scoop, Feed, Display, Gift and Eat. A simple sequence of events where the user scoops the kernels from the storage container, feeds them onto the heating bed, watches the experience of random popping, takes the popped popcorn from the salty or sweet containers as a gift and then finally eats the popcorn.



PORTFOLIO_JANUARY.13Above: Night render showing how the ‘popcorn machine’ will be internally lit.

Below: Internal render showing the main event of the kernels popping.