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After a month of donations we surpassed our target goal and raised £1,727 toward the Burning Man project!

And these are the wonderful people who generously donated, a massive thank you to you all!

Dori Sadan Simon Jones Emma Webster Katarina Kotzia Kat Koinis Justin HaywardElizabeth Pettit The Life Cube Nicholas Courts Fillippos Petroulakis Guan Lee Anam; Marina Karamali William Firebrace J Claire Dean Paul Cowell Marilena Zamboura Lydia Fallon; Eleftheria Athanasopoulou William She Chris Dan Ruddick James McBennett Zoe Moskofoglou Zachariah Bunnell Urciuolo Maurizio Judith Varley The Bathroom Beacons Crew Stathopoulou Ourania Jack Munro Sam Allison Megan Sadler Pav Ametvic Chris&Dina Bakadima Spyridoula Aris Molfetas

If any of you wish for a message to be sent with us to be burnt at the festival please contact via email so we can arrange this.

New Reward on Kickstarter for Burning Man!


10 DVD copies of the documentary Spark: A Burning Man Story. for a £75 donation.

Spark, it’s a beautifully shot documentary that portrays the growing pains of Burning Man through its evolution.

Official trailer:

Spark debuted at SXSW, has been warmly received by fellow members of the Burning Man community at regional screenings, and will be launching its nationwide theatrical release in August with the hope of being eligible for an Academy Award.

This reward has been generously donated by the filmmakers behind the feature documentary Spark and we hope it will help to  reach our goal!

Additionally the 10 donors will also receive Loving tweet, message delivery, postcard, wall of gratitude.

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Thank you!





The design of Suncatcher has derived from a flock of birds following the sun.

How birds fly together is a fascinating, beautiful phenomenon, which is still progressively being researched under the theory of ‘Swarm Intelligence’. This movement is self organising, so there is not leader or hierarchy within the group. Instead they work together to form one single formation. The properties that emerge can only be obtained by the system as a whole, not its individual parts.

This interaction reflects the ethics of Burning Man and how each year individual people from all over the world collaborate together to create a self supporting community. Consequently, Suncatcher’s theoretical and physical formation emphasises aspects of Burning Mans principles, such as, communal effort, participation and decommodification.


Physically, Suncatcher will demonstrate the dynamic movement of birds, which will both be a radical contrast to the flat surface of the desert, whilst also complementing the mountains that surrounds the site.

As the spaces created are emerged from the path of the sun; they provide orientation and framed views for participants to enjoy their surroundings.




Different shadows are produced from this skin throughout the day, depending on the position of the sun, representing a continuous movement of the birds formation.

The title Suncatcher refers to an ornamental object which ‘catches the light’ it can be thought of as the optical equivalent of a wind chime. As the design is developed around the suns location and the skin ‘glows’ when  light is shone on it, exposing its complex structure and beautiful shadows.final16 final17

Using CNC to make a scale model at 1:4

final18 final19