Temple of Reflected Illusions

Starting from a simple definition , and repeated in loops in a self-similar way, the resultant geometry is reminiscent of micro-organisms, nature and corals. As the human mind perceives as beautiful, symmetry and symbolism , this recursive system through aggregation is expected to awe viewers. Such shapes are normally observed in small scale objects, which we as humans nurture and can easily hold in our hands. This installation on the other hand is transcending the rule to a larger scale, a sculpture which can nurture us in exchange, by providing shelter from the natural elements. It is also a place for contemplation while sitting underneath it and looking upwards at the universe of reflected geometries.

It is a self-sufficient object of inspiration.

At night, it comes to life as the fluorescent paint on the selected edges of the plywood will accentuate abstracted outlines. These will express the geometry in a different manner compared to the daytime view. The Temple of Reflected Illusions is an art installation proposal for the Burning Man festival in the Black Rock Desert, which challenges the viewer in a cerebral and visual way.

15 Render 01 18 fluorescent paint 00 Template Temple of ReflectedIllusions - Plan and components

Recursive Growth through Aggregation

The beauty of recursive algorithms is that they can be used to generate intricate sculptural shapes, through a simple definition. The first iteration starts with an edge condition (an element, object or shape), which is not always defined recursively. Following iterations are defined by data loops, in which items are repeated in a self-similar way.  Different structures are seen to arise from subtle variations of the function definition, creating forms reminiscent of plants, corals and micro-organisms. With this initial investigation, and further physical representation exercises, my aim is to explore how design can be defined through recursive aggregation.


01 recursive aggregation def

02 t square

10 3D T square

04 n-flake

05 3D n-flake

05 solid modelling

06 broccoli

07 3D broccoli

09 ply fabrication