John Konings

John Konings graduated from the Manchester School of Architecture ‘SYNC’ unit in 2011. His year three project involved mapping the biological and human networks of the river Irk valley in north Manchester. His intervention was to design a seed bank within Manchester Victoria station that would serve as an interface between these two networks, harnessing the movement of the commuters to link the Irk valley’s green spaces. This also involved designing seed impregnated products that would enable commuters to act as seed vectors.

Following his undergraduate degree, John took a job at DunnettCraven, a practice specialising in commercial and residential projects throughout Europe. This posting allowed him to work in his native Holland, on several jobs including the ongoing Almere, Zoetermeer and Amstelveen city centre regeneration projects.

John is interested in learning from nature as he furthers his architectural education, and hopes to develop his understanding of materials and geometry, while creating architecture that challenges conceptions of how we make things.

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