Silk Cave

The Silk Cave is an art installation proposal for Burning Man festival that allows participants to play and relax in the desert. The project was derived from the forms created by a model that explored the build up of latex on string. Using the forms that had been created to form spaces that can be inhabited and explored.


The concept is to create a space that allows people to play and interact within the fabric structure. The spaces can be used for shade, relaxing, and climbing, creating a fun and interactive art installation.


The main inspiration for the Silk Cave was from Ernesto Neto’s sculpture shown above.

One of the ten principles of Burning Man is participation and within this structure everyone is encouraged to play and therefore everyone is encouraged to participate. In addition some of the spaces will mean that people will have to support one another to climb in and out of the structure encouraging a strong sense of community.




There can be various colour arrangements for the Silk Cave as shown below: