Michael Clarke

Michael Clarke graduated from The University of Nottingham on the BArch course in 2010. His 2nd year project involved the design and construction of a primary school in the township of Jouberton, South Africa. A team of students developed designs in the UK working as a team to refine the project to minimise materials and costs and resolve the scheme into a project that could be completed on site in 6 weeks. Michael worked as part of the fundraising team and was involved at an early stage to resolve the main structural elements of the proposal. The students then spent 7 weeks on site, the site blog can be found at the following link: www.projectjouberton.com. The project has since been published in Blueprint and BD Magazine and has been nominated as a centre for excellence in the area. Michael’s final year proposal focused on a large urban scale in an area beginning to undergo gentrification in the sprawling hillsides far above the port area of Turkey’s third largest city, Izimr. The project placed an emphasis on the materiality and the integration of spaces into an abandoned hillside at risk of landslides within a busy residential area.

Since graduating Michael has worked as an Architectural Assistant at Waind Gohil Architects (WGA). They are a young and growing firm currently with only 6 people, working mainly in private residential projects although beginning to expand into other sectors. Michael was responsible for areas of work across all the RIBA stages particularly contributing to the planning statements and the 3D CAD modelling and visualisations, as well as working on the tender packages and the construction detailing. WGA focus on the construction details as a means of achieving a high quality, finished product.

Michael has had previous experience of practice in other sectors including commercial and leisure having worked for 6 months at StubbsRich Architects in Bath prior to starting his architectural education at Nottingham and at Hewitt Studios during Summer holidays.

Michael hopes to develop his existing CAD skills with the addition of parametric design in DS10 to further explore material properties and analyse organic structures to develop an architectural philosophy. He is interested in the lifetime of a structure and how a structure can be maximised with minimal materials in order for ease of assembly and a reduced impact on the environment.

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