Natasa Christou

Natasa Christou received her BA degree in architecture from the University of Westminster(2006-2009).   She has worked in architectural design firm Armeftis and Associates in Cyprus, and collaborated with the University of Nicosia for a competition for the creation of Cyprus News agency (3rd Prize).  She is currently studying  in the University of Westminster completing her final year of Diploma .  Her thesis is on the  United Nations Buffer Zone in Cyprus used as a  symbolic location in the context of divided cities, the destruction of memory, and urban design in the politics of urban planning.  Her academic projects have been published in the University of Westminster OPEN Book for the years 2008, 2009 and 2011. Now joining design studio 10 she aims to expand her knowledge in parametric thinking and computational design as a medium in architecture.

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Other Activities

Natasa has been actively involved in other media such as photography, sculpture, filming, painting and logo design.  She has worked as an assistant photographer for MUST Magazine in Cyprus,  she has been awarded from the Committee of Lawyers in Cyprus for her contribution as a film producer and managed to showcase her  art-work in the Volunteer, London (2008). ( More than that she has designed the logos of the Company Blue Tiger.

Previous Academic Design Work

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