Luka Kreze

Luka Kreze was born in 1988 in Maribor, Slovenia. After finishing the International Baccalaureate (2005 -2007) he continued his education in the UK and received a BA Architecture degree from Oxford Brookes University in 2010. His second year design work was mostly orientated around topics such as decay, durability, materiality, senses and vegetation whereas his third year work was mostly influenced by sustainability issues.

The title of his dissertation was “Just Another Brick in the Wall – Depersonalized Architecture of the New Millennium”, which dealt with effects of a global way of living on originality, vernacular identity and message of architecture. By using examples from music he argued that a similar phenomenon of depersonalization is happening in music industry as well.

He has worked at Spring Architects in Slovenia between 2010 and 2011, focusing mostly on  single and multiple housing developments. He was part of a design team working on a project of restoration and conversion of an old coal power plant into a university campus.

He is currently studying at University of Westminster in London as a first year Graduate Diploma in Architecture student.

Other interests:

Luka’s other great passion in life is music. He plays drums, piano and bits of guitar and has until recently been in a band. He also runs “Mladinin Oder” (, an alternative stage at Festival Lent in Slovenia ( and is a part of a production team of the festival.

Among others he is interested in areas such as photography, graphic design, product design, painting, sports (basketball, football, skiing…)


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