Jessica Beagelman

Jessica Beagelman graduated in 2010 with a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Nottingham. The emphasis on the majority of her projects revolved around a keen interest to investigate and understand the complex constraints that create spatial concepts and urban landscapes. This led to an interest in researching and exploring the catalysts and evolution of space, wanting to explore the relationship between hidden layers of design that have driven a concept. Her final year project, based in Izmir, Turkey, the “Reintergration of the Urban Sprawl” applied these relationships on an urban scale. The project explores the clashing demographics of having a Modern Art Museum nestled in the ruins surrounding the ancient Agora, it addresses the conflict of history versus modernity and seeks to create a cultural harmony. She explored the political and social influences that had created the ruins and sets out to knit the urban fabric back together, thus reinstating the lost hidden layers of desing. Through detailed research into the urban sprawl, she was able to create an

After graduating Jessica started working for Grimshaw Architects in their London office, where she is still currently working. She worked predominately on competitions, giving her experience on a variety of scheme design briefs and sectors, that developed her representational and modelling skills. In her first year working in the practice, she gained valuable experience working in the transport sector, looking at a new terminal for Geneva Airport and access improvements for Royal Victoria DLR Station. Working in a small team enabled her to get first-hand experience at integrating the complex urban framework into the project to create a valid solution.

The second year in practice gave Jessica more confidence in her design skills and allowed her to take on greater responsibilities in projects, designing and creating a working physical model for detailed masterplans for New Covent Garden Market redevelopment and Tirana Masterplan. Key roles in the Tirana Masterplan competition, gave Jessica a passion for masterplanning and also enabled the practice to win the competition.

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