Tobias Power

Tobias graduated from Nottingham Trent University in 2013. In his time there he acted as treasurer for The Nottingham Trent Architecture Degree Show, leading the design and layout of the event whilst also being responsible for its organization and finances. On graduation he received the award for Outstanding Contribution to Architecture whilst his final project received the RIBA Best Design in Context award from the Nottingham and Derby Society of Architects. Shortly after he was featured in the student shows addition of the Architects Journal.

After leaving University Tobias joined the infrastructure team at WilkinsonEyre Architects and began working on the Bank Station Capacity Upgrade for London Underground. As part of a small collocated team alongside various engineering disciplines, he assisted in the concept design through to planning submission of a key piece of new London infrastructure.

Tobias is interested in the space occupied between art and science and how both disciplines can blend together to produce new and innovative architectures. He is also motivated by the study of computational design new techniques in digital fabrication.

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