Scott Lewis

Scott undertook his Part I BSc in Architecture at the University of Bath, graduating in 2010. His final Part I project was for a City Forum for Bath, located between the city of Bath itself and the Parade Gardens sitting at the original Anglo Saxon level of the city. It employed a folded plane linking the two symbolic levels, concluding in a roof top auditorium as well as an interior performance space, the stage of which was viewable from the adjoining park. The inside of the building was organised as a series of plateaus and terraces ultimately deploying onto the riverside garden. Service accommodation was housed in an inhabited wall which allowed the remainder of the plan to be open and fluid.

This project developed in close quarters to his dissertation ‘Public.Private The Evolution of the Public Realm’, a study into the history of public space from the Greek Agora to the High security enclaves of today,examining what tomorrow might bring with the advent of the digital world and the ‘Cyber Agora’.

Until recently Scott has been working for Western Design Architects, a small practice in rural Dorset. As an Architectural Designer, he was given the responsibility act as lead-designer on projects including a contemporary house in a sloping wooded landscaped and an Arts Centre for the town of Blandford. Responsibilities also included joint co-coordinator of IT,introducing a new server, electronic calenders and video-conferencing to the office.

Other interests include outdoor activities such as cycling, sailing, climbing and football.

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