Will Garforth-Bles

Will studied at Oxford Brookes for his BA in architecture. His third year project was titled the Travellers exchange. A private members club specifically designed for the international travelling community. The proposal focused on symbiosis with stop influences from Lebbeus Woods among others.

His final thesis was titled, Decoding Skatopias, a paper seeking to understand the connectivity of skateboarders in artificial and urban landscapes. The purpose of the research was to uncover the future of skateboarding and how skaters’ appropriation will change as our hard landscape evolves.

After Oxford Brookes, Will took two years out for his part 1 experience.  The first period of experience was spent working on a competition for Boyarsky and Murphy architects. The Moroccan based project was developed in the artisan area along key transport connections.

The second practice was Paul Davis and Partners. Experience was mainly focused on competition work alongside various high-end residential jobs.  The practice ethos was highly driven towards creating sustainable developments. This became one of his key interests in architecture.

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