Garis Iu

Garis graduated from the University of Bath in 2012 where the integration of tectonic consideration as well as its joint teaching of architecture and engineering has helped him maintain the elusive balance between conceptuality and technicality. Upon joining Diploma Studio 10 at the University of Westminster, where he is currently completing his MArch Part II degree, Garis had learnt to think from a new perspective through the exploration of the design process.

Along with the theoretical side of architecture, Garis was able to gain invaluable practical experiences locally and overseas – including a year out in Hong Kong with KplusK associates as well as a year out with London Based Architects Greenway Architects, where he was given vast opportunities to focus on details and explore his own ideas within various proposals.

Outside of Architecture, music has been a significant contributor in Garis’ life. He particularly enjoys songwriting. Garis believes that Architecture should be a means to promote harmony between people and the environment, and that architecture should be experienced – a process evolving from the inside.

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