Chris Ingram

Chris Ingram graduated from the BA Architecture degree at the University of Liverpool in 2009. His final major project, a mixed use development aimed to address issues of conflicting urban typologies in and around the European capital of culture 2008 development, the ‘Liverpool One’ city centre. Other notable projects of the undergraduate course included a bat sanctuary in the atmospheric Sefton Park, as well as a community centre for the visually impaired.

Chris’s interests lie in the experience and tactility of materials, as well as the idea of finding the implicit logic of a material and exploiting its potential in a given structural, symbolic or experiential sense. Chris is particularly excited about investigating the potential performance and optimization of materials and structural systems with the aid of newly acquired knowledge of parametric modelling and analysis.

Since graduating Chris has worked in the London studio of ttsp, a commercial architecture and interior design practice based in Clerkenwell. Throughout his employment he has gained experience on a diverse range of projects, including numerous interior fit outs, cultural projects, master planning and open design competitions.

Through his participation in DS10 Chris hopes to explore the possibilities of parametric design, learn new transferable digital and fabrication skills whilst developing a personal design vocabulary through extensive experimentation and discussion.

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