21st November 2013 Tutorials

Another great tutorial day this Thursday. Here are two projects that are materializing into beautiful models. The first project is by Sarah Shuttleworth, it is a simple folded component which drives a curved surface that is used both as furniture and shelter, the other project by Henry Turner is a series of intersecting plywood waves which create a playful landscape on which people can lounge.

Polypropelene Modular Origami by Sarah Shuttleworth
Polypropelene Modular Origami by Sarah Shuttleworth
Intersecting plywood waves by Henry Turner
Intersecting plywood waves by Henry Turner

Grasshopper Tutorials by Kristof Crolla

After our post on Jake Hebbert‘s tutorial, here are some great Grasshopper tricks to create boids or fractals by Kristof Crolla, Architect at LEAD and teacher at Honk Kong University on his vimeo channel:

Below: Boids behaviour with Hoopsnake


Below: Fractals using Hoopsnake:


Below: Catenary Network on Kangaroo:


Below: Explaining the path mapper:


Below: Organizing hexagons on flat list




12th April Tutorials

Below are several pictures from our last tutorials.

Above: An impressively strong laser-cut model from Dan Dodds made of 2mm card. the small four-sided component which is repeated is based on this “space-packing” (leaves no gap) Archimedean solid: http://www.matematicasvisuales.com/english/html/geometry/space/truncatedoctahedrontessela.html


Above: A Grasshopper definition generating an entire building from Chris Ingram. This is for a growing TechHub around the Sillicon Roundabout.


Above: Floating Earth Island for the Twa tribe in Zambia by Kayleigh Dickson. The physical model is made from a steel mesh, a layer of waterproof cement and an earth and straw compound. PLants have started growing on the entire structure now.


15th March Tutorial in the Park + 1st March Pin-Up

Couple joyful pictures of our last pin-up and tutorials:

Natasa Christou‘s Cyprus Laser Cut model with Buffer Zone

George Hintzen‘s self-intersecting structure

Jake Alsop‘s beautiful Light Carving Technique

Megan Sadler‘s fabric structure for ASOS is getting environemental feedback

Natasa Christou is recycling the left-overs from workshops in Cyprus to help connect people at the Buffer Zone.

Chris Ingram‘s growing TechHub structure

Marina Karamali‘s models for Time Bank’s HQ in Athens

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20th October Tutorials

Below is a slideshow of our tutorials today.

Keep up the good work towards our first crit next Thursday!

It will be the end of Brief 1, Learn and beginning of Brief 2 Burn in which you will develop your research into a 1:1 functional structure for Burning Man.

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 Above: Carolyn Butlers green straws Geodesic dome with unfolded pattern

 Above: Maria Valente‘s accoustic wave surfaces through Mathematica

Above: Antony Joury‘s  weaving surfaces physical model and GH/Kangaroo model



Processing Resources

Ways to start learning the Processing Programming Language:

-Have a look at Open Processing where people share their sketches.

Above: Field Line Designer, a Sketch by bitcraft

The Plethora Project,  Video Tutorials by Jose Sanchez, partner at Biothing

Above: Processing Video Tutorial 1 by Jose Sanchez

And of course, The Processing Forum