Esha Hashim

Yulia Esha binti Mohd Noor Hashim graduated Bachelor of Science (Architecture) with First-Class Honours from Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) in 2013. She spent a year out working as Assistant Architect in a design and built firm, Des’concept Sdn Bhd in her hometown in Kota Bharu. She involved mostly in private residential and small-medium commercial projects. The firm thought her a lot in terms of implementing cultural identities into architecture. While working with the firm, she also get involved with urban design and architecture academic workshops held by the university she used to attend .She always believes in the fusion of culture, technology and architecture, as it gives more depths and enriches the characters in design. She always driven by her passion in architecture, art, graphic design and photography.

For the time being, she is in University of Westminster pursuing her RIBA Part II and is a part of Design Studio 10, where she is exposed more into analogue experiments in digital architecture. It is quite refreshing and it is a challenge to push her forward in acquiring skills. To be a part of Diploma Unit 10, has given Esha new profound interests in parametricism, computational design, and digital architecture through the thought of ‘design through making’.

Yulia Esha, or better known as Esha Hashim, has been using a few media websites to display some of her works.

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