Jack Munro

Jack Munro studied Part 1 architecture at the University of Nottingham. During a 2 year placement period he worked for B-A-N-D, Jump Studios and YRM Architects. During the summer of 2011 he worked for Carmenzind Evolution, Zurich, on the Google Headquarters in Dublin. He is now in 5th year at the University of Westminster and is studying in DS10, having completed 4th year in DS13.

Jack is a member of POW! (www.pow.uk.com), along with Sash Reading and Yashin Kemal. Their projects so far include a summer house in Sussex, a nursery school in The Gambia, and a the Black Cloud pavilion with the artist Ivan Morison (http://www.morison.info/theblackcloud.html).

Jack also works as a photographer, specializing in 35mm black and white techniques. A small portfolio can be seen at http://www.jsmunro.co.uk

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