Markos-Andreas Stergios

Andreas is the curious one, always asking himself rhetorical questions.

“What is the real face of architecture?”

Since he started studying in that field, the question not only did not disappear but also became more intense and its possible answer motivated him to take this journey of a slow revelation of its true nature.

His first approach to the construction industry was to work as a builder to pay for his holidays. Being exhausted by the physical nature of the job he decided to focus on his studies and be part of the rituals of construction from the comfort of an office. He soon left his country to chase his dream by starting his Architectural studies in the UK. He graduated RIBA part I from the University of East London and is currently studying his RIBA part II at the University of Westminster. So far Andreas has gained valuable work experience by working in a practice mainly focused on listed buildings and conservation areas, while still maintaining a hands-on approach.

Having an untreated curiosity and a passion for environmentally friendly design, for his final year, Andreas will be focusing on the incorporation of natural materials into the construction industry, exploring ways to contribute to both the society and the environment.