George Hintzen

After a multi-disciplinary exposure at the Foundation Diploma in Art and Design at Ravensbourne College, George attended Manchester School of Architecture and received his BA(Hons) Architecture in 2008. The MSA syllabus introduced him to conceptual, morphological programs and urban renewal strategies; a house organically grown from scrap metal, a bus stop woven from disused scaffolding, and a city gateway and re-use workshop patched in a quilt of discarded corrugate.

George the joined geometric pragmatists VMX architects in Amsterdam, and then experimental venture, realities:united in Berlin, operating within a speculative realm exploring architecture’s communicative capacity, using integrated solutions and additive structures.

He returned to the UK and joined Heatherwick Studio, introducing him to a range of innovative projects and bespoke analogous responses, and a close relationship with prototyping and production. And finally MESA studio, a London-based studio offering digital fabrication and CNC milling services, fabricating bespoke models, prototypes, furniture, artwork and set designs, and working with a range of architects, contractors, furniture makers, artists and students.

Having started the Architecture Diploma program at The University of Westminster in 2010, pursuing themes of fetish and exuberance, his attention is this turned to more pragmatic applications of scrutinous digital design, in a new-look DS10. Having worked in construction and fabrication, George has become interested in constructional credibility, rather than formal fancy, and hopes to explore the applications of parametric design, environmental analysis, and digital fabrication.

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