A Pneu Story

This animation tells the story of an autonomous pneumatic landscape emerging from the ground. The story begins deep in the ocean where the first pneus forms came into existence, overtime they evolved and reached the surface of the water to continue life on land, where they became animated by the changing environment that surrounded them.

I used Cinema 4D and After Effects(and some Trapcode Particular).

This was my final animation for my digital representation unit at the University of Westminster.

The images below are my chronograms and storyboard from my logbook.


3 thoughts on “A Pneu Story”

  1. The pneus in the water are standard primitive objects that have a micro-organism texture which distorts the form when rendering, I then key framed the movement of each primitive and scaled it so it looked like it was inflating.
    The pneus close to the surface are meta-balls(check out the newly added still from the animation).
    The pneus in the inflation and deflation have a soft body simulation tag which collide with an invisible rigid body and then I rendered out just the object deflating and inflating.
    The pneus on the surface of the water are meta-balls as well but I used a bit of Xpresso (grasshopper equivalent) to make them bounce or move with the water movement.

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