Plateau’s Laws, Soap Bubbles & Grasshopper

The Grasshopper script simulates a random soap bubble cluster starting from 3 soap bubbles of known radii based on Plateau’s Laws. All surfaces in a bubble cluster are spherical, including films dividing two adjacent bubbles.

A list is used to store valid bubbles generated through a Hoopsnake sequence and a number of custom components calculate correct bubble intersection in line with Plateau’s Laws.

  1. Amazing rigour in your work Andrei! I am looking forward to seeing the physical model of this experiment.

  2. Pablo said:

    Nice work!! Do you know if is possible to obtain the grasshopper script for my personal use?

    • Hello Pablo,
      Have you tried replicating the definition? Where did you get stuck?
      Andrei @JAM.d

      • Pablo said:

        Actually I’m not an expert in grasshopper, that is the reason that I was wondering if is possible to have the definition. Do you know if is possible?

      • Hi @Pablo, have you clicked on the images of the blog post by Andrei? The printscreens are very high resolution so quite easy to reproduce, just double click on your Grasshopper canvas to get the right components – It would be good for you to try in order to learn before getting the entire file which was very hard work. Trust us, this is a much better way to learn the tool than getting finished scripts! Keep us updated with your struggles and we will help.

      • Pablo said:

        Hi Arthur, Thanks for the recommendation and help. I will keep you update if I get any problem.

  3. Pablo said:

    I’m having some trouble creating the bubble clusters and the bubble list. Do you have an idea of how should I make these components?

  4. I tried to reproduce this script, I am struggling with it and it’s not working. Is it possible for me to get the script?

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