Celestial Field to light up the Playa at this year’s Burning Man.

DS10 student Eleanor Cranke is extremely delighted to have been awarded an Honorarium Grant for her stunning interactive light installation inspired by the majesty of the sun and magnetic fields.
Along with a team of fellow Architecture students, engineers, lighting technicians and Burning Man enthusiasts based in the UK and USA, Eleanor will be travelling to Black Rock City to share her design with fellow Burners in August this summer.
Celestial Field celebrates the sun, seeking to playfully replicate the ritualistic worship of solar rays and the resulting magnetic fields, combining both science and enchantment.
A sea of swaying rods made from mirrored tubes mounted on springs form an undulating field, rising high above your head, and falling like the plasma pulled in all directions by the phenomenal magnetic forces found on our sun. By day, a field of mirrors intensify the suns natural beauty. Creating a maze of ever changing light to explore and push through, forging your own paths through the densest areas of Celestial Field, parting rods like magnets repelling polarised iron.
Prototype Night Photo.JPG
For a chance to help Eleanor and her team build this wonderful and inspiring installation this year, please consider donating towards their crowdfunding page on Kickstarter.  There are many elegant and unique Celestial Field rewards available, this is a great opportunity to be part of the Celestial Field journey and any support is very much appreciated!
Kickstarter Jewery Logos and cards
Three Boys
Kickstarter Jewery Design photos.jpg
For more information about the concept behind the project, please take a look at Eleanor’s original blog post here on We Want to Learn.
The whole team are incredibly excited about their Burning Man journey and look forward to sharing their experiences with you all.  Hope to see you on the Playa!

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