Terra – Reef

Located directly North of Kings Cross Station, this project follows a set of design principles aiming to tackle global warning and greenhouse gas emissions namely carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide.

Terra – Reef aims to focus on the intrinsic relationships between communities and architecture by introducing a sustainable bio-receptive terracotta system to improve the local pollution and quality of health of the community.

The bio-receptive qualities of terracotta allow Moss and Lichen to proliferate on the surface of the material, supporting their growth over time. The moss inhabited structure will passively absorb PM2.5 from the adjacent trains and capture CO2 from the atmosphere.

In order to tackle rising UK and global fertiliser prices the programmes within this project actively remove Nitrous Oxide from the atmosphere and convert it into ammonia fertiliser to support the vertical farming harvest and boost the socio-economic output of the architecture and the local community.

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