Equipotential / Streamlines / Vector Field – early experiments



















Early experiments with DS10 this term have involved the use of the Flow-L plug-in for grasshopper to generate streamlines through fields containing charged point locations. The points act as negative magnetic forces directing the streamlines away through space resulting in an interesting visual mix of converging and diverging directional bias for the streamlines. For the purpose of the visualisation the lines are then simply extruded to form an interesting sculptural form that seemingly combines visual elements of both structure and randomness.

Other experiments have used the alternative function provided within the Flow-L plug-in components to generate  equipotential lines and pseudo-random patterns in 2D. The components allow the creation of complex patterns influenced by point charges of varying intensity by jittering the values for the point charges.



Further investigations will follow by which these early experiments are translated into 3D physical models and structural systems.

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